Information for Students

Why should I participate in job shadowing?

L earn how your academic background can be put into practice. (How does your plan meet the needs of the career? Should you be in courses you hadn't thought of taking?)

E xperience the work environment first-hand. (Can you see yourself working there in the future?)

A ssess your "fit" into an organization, career field, or even an overall industry. (How does it compare to your values and preferences?)

R eally explore selected career fields. (This is far better than researching a career online or in books-you will venture through the day-to-day activities to get the real picture!)

N etwork! (Get to know professionals in the field. You never know when you may see or work with your sponsor again.)


  • Job shadowing is open to all students. First years, sophomores, and international students are encouraged to participate.
  • This is a non-credit, voluntary experience.
  • Students are responsible for transportation, meals, and accommodations, if needed.

Student Requirements

As an student candidate for job shadowing, you must:

  • Search for job shadowing opportunities that meet your interests.
  • Apply to participate in the program.

As an accepted extern, you must:

  • Contact the employer to confirm arrangements to participate in a job shadowing experience.
  • Participate in orientation and debreifing sessions.
  • Be professional! Arrive on time, remain through agreed time, follow through on any commitments, and dress in business casual clothing (or attire appropriate for the shadow experience).
  • Engage in an informational interview with your sponsor. (You may use suggested questions given at the orientation.)
  • Write a thank you letter for your sponsor. (Turn it in to the CDC to be sent.)
  • Submit an evaluation of the experience to the CDC.


Application Procedures

Submit the following forms to the Career Development Center: