Mathematics photos

Resources and Opportunities for Math Majors

Mathematics majors have the opportunity to research topics during the spring senior seminar by studying recent journal articles. Topics have included: "How Not to Land at Lake Tahoe," "Pecking Orders," "Designing an Oscillating Sprinkler," "Speed Wobble in Motorcycles," "The Mathematics of UPCs"  and "The Pure Theory of Elevators."

Many students participate in internships or study-abroad programs. Recent interns have worked for the Randolph College Information Technology Department as software support consultants and at Wheat First Butcher Singer as a stock broker assistant.

Also, grants such as the National Science Foundation's Undergraduate Research Grant are available for summer study at other universities. One Randolph College student recently studied at the University of Oklahoma on such a grant.

Math majors frequently participate in Randolph College's Summer Research program, working on advanced level projects with professors.