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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Relative to national results, responses indicated that Randolph students were statistically more likely than students nationally to

  • engage in classroom discussions,
  • attend an art exhibit, play, dance, music, or other performance,
  • engage in foreign language coursework, study abroad, and a culminating senior capstone course,
  • have serious conversations with other students whose religious beliefs, political opinions, or personal values were very different from their own, and
  • examine the strengths and weaknesses of their own views on an issue.

A statistically greater percentage of Randolph students felt their college education contributed to their ability to

  • write clearly and effectively,
  • speak clearly and effectively,
  • and acquire a broad, general education.

Additionally, Randolph seniors reported significantly more engagement in analyzing and synthesizing ideas, putting together concepts from different courses, and making judgments about the value of information, arguments, or methods. Taken together, those experiences contributed to our  graduates being accepted into graduate programs at Stanford, Cornell, Yale, Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Harvard Divinity School, London School of Economics, and Oxford University, to name a few.

Close relationships with faculty have always been a hallmark of a Randolph College education. Both first-years and seniors reported that they worked harder than they thought they could to meet an instructor’s expectations. Relative to national benchmarks, a significantly greater percentage of both classes reported that they

  • talked about career plans with a faculty member,
  • discussed ideas from classes with faculty members outside of class,
  • received prompt feedback from faculty on their academic performance,
  • worked with faculty members on activities other than coursework, and
  • had friendly, supportive relationships with faculty member.

Randolph College has a rigorous academic program – and an environment that encourages success. Compared with students responding to NSSE nationally, Randolph first-years and seniors reported in significantly higher percentages that

  • the College provides the support they need to help them succeed academically and
  • helps them cope with their non-academic responsibilities.

Randolph College engages its first years and seniors in the National Survey of Student Engagement because we care about how our students and how they perceive their experience here. We are proud of the environment we offer – and we work continually to make it even better.