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Top 10 Reasons Adults Return to College

Complete your degree – It’s not too late. You can compete with younger students because your experience is very valuable in the classroom. At Randolph College, you can attend fulltime or part-time.

  1. Transition to a new career – Most people change careers on average of 5-6 times. A liberal arts education provides you with the flexibility to switch careers when you are ready.
  2. Use financial aid to make a degree a reality – The Harriet Hudson Award (a reduction of tuition by half) and federal financial aid can help you invest in yourself.
  3. Advance your current career – Employers seek the practical problem solving and critical thinking skills a liberal arts college fosters in you.
  4. Improve your writing ability – As a writing intensive institution, Randolph builds your writing skills in every course you take.
  5. Increase your earning potential – College grads earn on average 50% more during their lifetimes than those with only a high school diploma.
  6. Explore the world - Randolph offers study abroad options and an international environment with students coming from 44 nations.
  7. Be a role model – It is difficult juggling family, work and earning a degree. Your children will appreciate the dedication to education that you model.
  8. Build your confidence – Nothing builds self-esteem like meeting a long-term goal of graduating from college.
  9. Challenge yourself – At Randolph, you’ll learn that asking the right questions is as important as knowing the answers.
  10. This one's up to you.  We're all different people with different lives, needs and goals.  What's your reason?