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Asian Studies

Asian countries are growing in their economic, political, and cultural influence in the world. The Asian Studies minor at Randolph College helps students understand these countries and their people, laying the foundation for graduate school and careers in diplomacy, international business, government, tourism, and teaching.

The Asian Studies minor provides a broad grounding in the history, society, and culture of Asia, as well as the Chinese language. Students may choose to minor in Chinese Studies as well to develop broader language skills and a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

Studying Asia in a liberal arts environment gives you the opportunity to develop your analytical skills, research and writing ability, and general knowledge, which are certain to be paramount in your professional life. Coupled with courses in other disciplines, including your major, the Asian Studies minor provides valuable skills that are impressive to prospective employers.

If you would like to explore Asia-particularly China, let it begin in the context of a first-rate liberal arts education at Randolph College.