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Education & Teacher Licensure

If you dream of a career as a teacher, the Education Department at Randolph College prepares you to become a leader in education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Complementing a strong liberal arts foundation, a well-planned sequence of professional education courses and multiple field experiences prepare you to enter the classroom with enthusiasm and confidence.

In addition to the new graduate program in education, the College will continue to offer teacher licensure.

The education program emphasizes:

  • effective instructional strategies that meet the learning needs of all children
  • professional attitudes and behaviors
  • positive values toward diversity and the needs of culturally and educationally diverse learners
  • skills in using technology as an effective teaching and management tool

Academic Offerings

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Curricular Studies
  • Master of Arts Degree in Teaching - Curriculum & Instruction
  • Master of Arts Degree in Teaching - Special Education & Learning Disabilities
  • Master of Education Degree - Curriculum & Instruction
  • Master of Education Degree - Special Education & Learning Disabilities

Build a Solid Foundation

The Randolph College education program helps you develop the skills you need to become an effective teacher, including an understanding of:

  • learning theory
  • child growth and development
  • cognitive and language development
  • educational goals and objectives
  • cultural influences on learning
  • curriculum planning and design
  • instructional techniques, planning and management
  • design and use of evaluation and measurement methods
  • classrooms and schools and social systems
  • school law
  • instructional technology
  • collaborative and consultative skills

Teacher Licensure

If you are interested in obtaining a teaching license, the Curricular Studies Major fulfills the State of Virginia content area requirements for elementary education teaching licensure. In addition, the education program offers licensure in:

  • Elementary Education (PK–6)
  • Art (PK-12)
  • Biology (6–12)
  • Chemistry (6–12)
  • Dance (PK–12)
  • English (6–12)
  • French (PK–12)
  • History and Social Science (6-12)
  • Latin (PK–12)
  • Mathematics (6–12)
  • Music - Instrumental (PK-12)
  • Music - Vocal (PK-12)
  • Physical Education (PK–12)
  • Physics (6–12)
  • Spanish (PK–12)
  • Theatre Arts (PK–12)

Add-on endorsement areas include:

Algebra I (6–12)

The State of Virginia has reciprocal licensure agreements with 44 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Prepare for the your future

Our Career Development Center works with you one-on-one to help with your job search or applications for graduate school. If you want to supplement your Randolph College degree with a graduate degree in education by pursuing an M.Ed., a Ph.D., or an Ed.D., the Career Development Center can also provide assistance with preparation for graduate school.