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Katie Rechnitzer gets her hair cut for Locks of Love.

Katie Rechnitzer (getting her hair cut for Locks of Love) wants to use her Sociology experiences to help others.

The Sociology Department at Randolph is a vital program with a focus on experiential learning and applied sociology (outside the classroom), service learning, gender and sexuality, and environmental issues.

We encourage our students to engage directly with the social world for developing a deep and practical understanding of its structure and dynamics, and we emphasize comparative methods (where the U.S. and other societies are put into today’s international or global context). Students also discover ways that specific cultural meanings — even in the simple things we do every day — are constructed and interpreted.

Experiential Learning

Emphasis on "learning by doing" is one way to ensure that Randolph College sociology majors graduate with skills that will prepare them for life and work. All of our majors are required to complete an internship related to their personal and professional goals. Beyond acquiring valuable people skills, sociology majors are specifically trained to think critically and to analyze and understand symbolic content — skills that will be vital to success in a wide variety of professions.

An Emphasis on Service

We coordinate a concentration in Human Services and many of our graduates pursue social service work for government and non-profit agencies. Our students also believe in fun and are involved in a diverse variety of activities and passions.

We are particularly known for the breadth of our faculty’s interests, such as global political economy, the Caribbean, sports, and sexuality; our international scope; and for having above average success in placing our majors in graduate and professional schools.

Sociology could be for you. Check us out!

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