Credential Files

Fall 2012 Announcement:

The credential file system is retired as of June 1, 2013!

this is an imageThrough feedback we have received from faculty, students, admissions counselor's and employers, we have found that the majority of graduate/professional schools and employers have moved to using electronic links to obtain reference letters. Individual links to their respective databases are sent to individuals listed as references for our students. Thus, the credential file is becoming obsolete. For this reason, the CDC will be retiring the credential file system effective June 1, 2013.

All faculty and staff at Randolph College have been informed via email announcements prior to this taking place.

All former letters of recommendation will be shredded after June 1, 2013.

Due to this change, it is essential that all alumnae/alumni stay in contact with their faculty on an individual basis, so that they have access to them when they need updated reference letters written. If they continue to do this, they will have a more professional, up-to-date reference letter from the people who know them well. It is also important that they establish new contacts along the way so that recruiters for jobs and graduate/professional schools have your most recent information available.

If alumnae/alumni wish to have reference letters written on their behalf, it is best to follow the guidelines established by the graduate/professional school they are applying to. Also, please remind faculty references to keep electronic copies of the reference letters for future updates and uploads.