Exploring Majors and Careers

"Which major do I choose?"

There is no easy answer to this question.

Making good career decisions results from a process that takes time, effort, and research.

The professional staff of Career Development is available to work with each student to help you evaluate your abilities, experiences, interests, and values. Knowing what you do well, what you like to do, and what things are important to you are essential in making a good career decision.

Career Development Four Year Plan:

Because career decision-making is a process most effectively accomplished through a series of developmental steps, a career development cycle that corresponds to The Randolph Plan is used. The Four Year Career Plan offers a student a program of self-assessment, exploration, experimentation, and decision-making to help you explore various career options and experience career areas in which you have an interest.

Career Assessment:

FOCUS-2: Online Self-assessment and Career Exploration Tool

The Career Development Center (CDC) has joined forces with Career Dimensions to bring you a new online, self-guided, interactive program designed to help you select the right college major and plan your career based on your personal interests, values, skills, personality, and aspirations.

Returning FOCUS-2 users click on the Focus 2 icon below to log in:

Focus 2 Returning Users Link

First-time users....

  • To create a new user account, you must first enter the Randolph College FOCUS-2 access code. The current Focus 2 Access Code is: wildcat (all lower case).
  • Decide on your own username and password for future use. (tip: use something you will use for all of your career related activities).Be sure to remember your personal username and password (the CDC does NOT have access to it).
  • We suggest you begin by working on the sections detailed below. You do not have to complete every section. Select the ones that best meet your needs (if you are not sure, speak with a CDC staff member). You can exit and return to the program at any time. Each section takes 10 to 15 minutes; the whole program takes about 1 hour to complete.
  • When finished, print your completed reports and/or portfolio and make an appointment with Krista Leighton, Director of Career Develpment by calling 947-8116 or emailing us.
  • New FOCUS-2 users click on the icon below to register:
    Focus 2 First Time Users  Registration Link




First-years & Sophomores:

FOCUS-2 can help you select majors and consolidate career goals.
Work on as many sections as you can in both the Career Readiness and Self-Assessment categories. If you are trying to select your major, we highly recommend the 'Academic Strengths' section, as well as the 5 sections in the Self-Assessment category.

Junior, Seniors & Alumnae/Alumni:

FOCUS-2 can help you plan your job and/or graduate school search.
Start with the 'Your Career Planning Status' in the Career Readiness category. If your scores are in the medium or low range, we highly recommend you complete the 5 sections in the Self Assessment category.

Click on the 'Combine the Results of Multiple Assessments' to see how all of your results work together. This will generate a list of occupations related to your assessment results.

Once you have an understanding of your interests, personality, skills, values & leisure interests, use the 'Explore the Possibilities' section to research potential careers. This section provides information about each career, including educational background and salary information. You can also complete a side-by-side comparison of careers.

If you would like, you can consolidate all of your reports into a portfolio in the 'Personal Portfolio' section. We recommend you do this step if you have completed most or all of the assessment sections. If you have only taken one or two sections, it may not be necessary.


If you have any questions about FOCUS-2, please contact Krista Leighton in the Career Development Center (CDC), first floor West Hall, by phone at 434-947-8116 or by email. We look forward to discussing your results with you!

Online Resources for Career Planning & Major Choice:

  • Becomeopedia.com - Review information on what it takes to "become any career". Use this resource to find out more about many different industries and careers from arts and design, government work, sports careers, trade and more.
  • Jobshadow.com - Shadow real people's jobs online. You can read real interviews from people as they talk about the jobs they do and the careers they have. If you're career hunting, trying to find out 'what career is right for me', 'what job is right for me', don't like your current job, want to career mentor and help others, or just plain curious you can read about and explore the different career options and shadow people's jobs online.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - Survey information regarding careers from the U.S. Department of Labor. Use this resource to find out more information about specific careers including job outlook, education and training needed, salaries and much more.

Explore Career Options in Your Major