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Self-Designed Majors

 Know exactly what you want to study—but can't find the major that fits your goals? Randolph College makes it possible for you to design a major that meets all of your needs.

Working closely with faculty and the Dean of the College, you can create an individualized program of study. As long as the major you build is consistent with the liberal arts and sciences, and there are sufficient faculty members and resources at Randolph College to support your goals, you're on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

Students have recently designed majors in environmental studies, medieval and Renaissance studies, and biopsychology. Whatever your interests, the program you develop will consist of related courses chosen from two or more departments that must be approved by the Dean of the College and the Curriculum Committee.

Students who design their own majors are focused, independent, and academically talented.

For more information about the Independently Designed Major option and online application forms, visit the Registrar.