General Physical Education Requirements

Physical education is a very important part of the student’s overall development. The program includes lifetime fitness and skills, wellness-oriented activities, and academic courses.

All students are required to complete credits in physical education according the College's General Education Requirements. *

All activity courses are scheduled by quarters, each quarter lasting half a semester. Each quarter of an activity carries one-half credit hour. Students may earn a maximum of eight credit hours in physical education activity courses toward the 124 hours required for graduation.

Activity course options include yoga, rock climbing, weight training, fitness walking, lap swimming, aquatic fitness, aerobics, fencing, self defense, running, beginning tennis, and horseback riding.

The riding/equestrian curriculum offers Hunter Seat Equitation as the basis of the teaching system and seeks to refine and improve the rider’s technique through lessons and competition in the show ring.

* A student who is unable, because of physical limitations, to participate in the regular program of activities may take Physical Education 101, which will be designed to meet individual needs and interests.