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The major in health services provides students with a foundation in the social, psychological and scientific knowledge essential to the practice of health care in modern society. This major is restricted to students planning to apply for admission to the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. Because of the nature of the program, that admission to the nursing school is not guaranteed, and because student plans can change, the student is required to choose a departmental “track” within the pre-nursing program. Should the student change plans, or be denied admission to the nursing program, a major in the chosen track can be completed during the fourth year. The student will declare interest in the program formally at the time the major is declared, but because of the need to ensure that all nursing prerequisites are met as well as the need to meet graduation requirements for Randolph College, the student should consult with the program advisor as soon as possible. The student is also strongly encouraged to contact the admissions office at Vanderbilt University to alert them to plans to apply. Internship or volunteer activities in a health related area will strengthen the application and are also strongly encouraged.

Typically, the student at Vanderbilt University will take general nursing courses in the first year, and speciality courses for the master’s degree in the second year. Randolph College’s Health Services degree will be awarded following successful completion of the first academic year of the nursing program, allowing students to graduate with their class. In recognition of the challenging nature of the nursing courses, the student will not be required to complete a formal senior paper.

Note: This major is only open to students who attend the dual degree nursing program at  Vanderbilt University to complete the Senior Program.