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About the Global Studies Major

The global studies program prepares students for work in key areas of global affairs, including conflict analysis and resolution, humanitarian intervention, human rights advocacy, and international policy and development work.

The program emphasizes a core knowledge base, flexibility in specialization, and essential skills, including language proficiencies, intercultural competence, collaborative problemsolving skills, and direct work experience, all of which are necessary for success in today’s global labor market.

Practical training takes place through participation in National Model United Nations, Model European Union, and the Peace and Diplomacy Living and Learning Residence Hall. Students also take advantage of study and work abroad, internships, and local service projects.

Students complete Individualized Learning Plans and work closely with advisors to track their developing interests, skills, and need for higher-level accomplishments and responsibilities. Global studies graduates are prepared for work in the public, private, and non-governmental sectors and for creative leadership, global citizenship, and diverse careers in world affairs.