About our Department

Students who complete a major or concentration in the Romance Language Department gain an appreciation of the cultures of France and Francophone countries or of Spain and Latin America as well as a new perspective on their own heritage. Study of the literary, cultural, social, and political institutions of the countries where French and Spanish are spoken help develop the student’s awareness of international interdependence. At the same time, the Department offerings encourage an increased understanding of the logic of language and a proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and understanding a second language.

As part of a strong liberal arts education, the major program in French or Spanish helps prepare the student for work in international business and industry and for graduate study in areas such as language and literature, art, music, law, international relations, and teaching, among others. A student equally interested in another discipline may elect to double major in French or Spanish or to complete a concentration in one and major in the other. Students are strongly encouraged to supplement their coursework in the Department by study in a country where French or Spanish is spoken.