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About the Program

A student interested in a degree in engineering, but who also wants the benefits of a liberal arts education can elect the engineering physics major.

The engineering physics major takes a rigorous program of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science courses while at Randolph College for three years. The student then has the option to apply to an associated engineering school to complete the program in two more years.

Randolph College has agreements with engineering schools at Vanderbilt University, Washington University St. Louis, and the University of Virginia. The student is not limited to these choices.

After the first year at the engineering school, a B.S. in engineering physics is received from Randolph College, and after the second year, a B.S. or in some cases an M.S. in engineering is received from the engineering school. If a student elects to remain at Randolph College, the possibilities are to complete the regular physics degree or a mathematics degree depending on what courses have already been taken.