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About the Biology Department

The curriculum of the Department of Biology supports both the liberal arts and career interests of the student. Stressing current trends in biology and laboratory investigation, the curriculum for the major includes core courses in zoology, botany, physiology, and molecular biology; a wide variety of upper-level subjects; opportunities for independent study, experiential learning, and honors study in related areas; and a senior program focusing on topics in contemporary biology.

Students majoring in biology may focus their major in environmental biology, molecular and cell biology, organismal biology, health-related biology, or choose a more general program. For the non-major, the Department offers courses, without prerequisite, in human biology and evolutionary biology, as well as introductory biology.

In addition to laboratory work, the Department also supports an active program of field studies. The location of the College in the Piedmont region of Virginia permits access to the Blue Ridge Mountains, especially the Blue Ridge Parkway, to two National Forests, to the Atlantic Ocean and coastal plain, and to the Washington, D.C., area for trips to the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Institution. Local trips are made to the Blackwater Creek Natural Area and to the College’s Nature Preserves.