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Peer Tutors

Whether you need help with focusing your paper topic or polishing your final draft, peer tutors in the Writing Lab can support you at any stage of your writing process.

Peer tutors don't write the papers for you; they help you write them yourself—only better.

Tutors in the Writing Lab will work with you one-on-one in 30- or 45-minute conferences. They will -

  • Act as responsive, nonjudgmental readers
  • Help you pinpoint areas where your paper needs improvement—from untangling an awkward sentence to reorganizing your ideas
  • Direct you to resource materials that can improve your self-editing skills

Peer tutors also send a brief report of each conference to the instructor who made the writing assignment, so that your professor is aware of your effort, your commitment, and your progress.

Meet the Tutors

Grace Gardiner

Grace Gardiner Grace has loved English classes ever since her first grade teacher gave her a book of poetry. Her childhood years were littered with secret attempts to mimic the authors and poets whom she cherished. After taking her first Creative Writing class in her second year of high school, she became determined to pursue her passions in writing and literature. Her life has since revolved around them both. She decided to attend Randolph because of the strength of its writing program, as well as some very impressive alumnae, such as Frances Mayes; she has found the program to be both stimulating and pleasing. She plans to declare a double major in English with a Creative Writing concentration and Classics at the end of the 2012 spring semester. She is excited to help others in the Writing Lab by demonstrating just how fun writing can be. When she is not reading or writing, which are rare occurrences, she likes to update her blog or have scintillating conversations with friends and faculty.

Glenna Gray

Glenna GrayGlenna always had a fascination with writing. When she was young, she spent many hours writing and illustrating storybooks for her parents to read. When she chose to attend Randolph College she was very excited to learn about the College's "writing across the curriculum" policy. Glenna feels that writing is the best way for her to express her thoughts and enjoys the writing-heavy courses at Randolph. She is an Art History and Museum Studies and French major and she loves hiking up the hill to the Maier Museum and perusing the galleries. Glenna is also a Junior Gold Key Guide and loves traveling, cooking, and horseback riding. She was a French Tutor during her first two years at Randolph and is excited to work with the Writing Lab. She has found the Writing Lab to be an excellent resource for students and is enthusiastic about being able to provide others with the help that she received.

Misa Mendez

Misa MendezAfter studying in Reading for her entire junior year, Misa is excited to be back at Randolph to celebrate her senior year with friends, buttons, and funny hats. She is also excited to be working in the Writing Lab. Misa has loved to create stories from a young age, using her dolls to act out her stories as well as keeping countless half-filled journals of stories and ideas. She is thankful that that passion has also grown into a fondness for academic writing, which can largely be attributed to the freedom Randolph professors have given her in her paper topics. As a history major, she hopes to stay in that field of study after graduating in May 2013 by getting a master's degree in either history or gender studies, hoping to earn that degree in England. She also wants to earn a PhD in dance history and research and write for a living.

Keenan Hickman

Keenan HickmanIn high school, teachers often told Keenan that he had exceptional writing skills. Keenan had a good understanding of the basics of grammar, punctuation, and essay format, but it wasn't until the end of his first year at Randolph that he realized he would go on to pursue his bachelor's in English Literature. His knack for researching and analyzing text was beneficial in English courses, and he saw that these were the classes he excelled in the most. At the start of his sophomore year, Keenan switched into the course COMM 213: College Newspaper Production Lab aka The Sundial and became a persistent writer for the school newspaper. He believes joining The Sundial was one of his best academic decisions, because it helped him feel confident to pursue other activities on campus and it ultimately unveiled his passion for writing. This past summer, he served as a Davenport Leader at Randolph where he gained leadership skills and assisted new students with their transition to the college community. Keenan is also a member of the men's lacrosse team, a representative in SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee), and a student worker in Human Resources. He's excited to be a new tutor in the Writing Lab and is eager to help others to the best of his ability.

Tom Whitehead

Tom Whitehead