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Message from the Dean

Carl Girelli, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the CollegeThank you for taking the time to get to know Randolph College. This page is dedicated to transfer students, and the associated links that provide a full picture of what Randolph College stands for, are a great start toward getting to know us and picturing yourself here. But it's only a start. I hope that the images and details you discover here will inspire you to visit our campus and get a first-hand impression. You will discover a picturesque campus with stunning architecture and inviting greenspace on the outside, and a sincere devotion to learning, honor, and community within.

If you are forging ahead for your Bachelor's Degree after completing an Associate Degree, congratulations! Well done. Our dedicated faculty are ready to help you make the most of what you have learned as you take on new challenges. If you are making a change in the midst of your studies, we applaud your courage in embracing new possibilities and welcome the opportunity to help you explore what Randolph College has to offer. Your past experience will give you the discerning eye to know if Randolph is right for you, as I hope it is.

Whatever the path that brought you here, you will find a faculty nationally recognized for their accessibility and excellence. Many of our students have benefited from joining our faculty in their groundbreaking research, often resulting in scholarly works presented at national conferences or published is prestigious journals. All Randolph students achieve the confidence, skills, and knowledge to prepare them to live out the full measure of our motto, vita abundantior, life more abundant.

Yes, we are dedicated to academic excellence, and that takes hard work. But there is still time for a wide array of clubs, sports, lifelong friendships, and a host of traditions beyond anything you have experienced or imagined. Pumpkin Parade, Skeller Sings, and odd and even class rivalry just scratch the surface. You must live it to believe it.

Whatever your past college experience has left you wanting, I invite you to seek it out in the pages of this website. Be inquisitive as you learn about Randolph College, and that quality will stand you in good stead when you arrive as a student. And once, again, there is nothing like a visit to know for sure that our campus has that feel that you know means Randolph will one day be your alma mater

Carl Girelli
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College


Information for Students Transferring to Randolph College

As a transfer student, you know where you're going. We can help you get there. Staff and faculty at Randolph College strive to make the transfer process as comfortable and seamless as possible. We know you are looking for a challenging academic environment, a friendly atmosphere, and a sense of belonging to your new institution. Let us guide you through the transfer process. Here are important links to help you on your transfer journey.

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Schedule a campus visit to see how Randolph College fits your life. For more information, contact Lisa Davies, Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Coordinator, at 434-485-8038.

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