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Fall 2014 Online Registration for Returning Students

Open Add/Drop/Registration for returning students:

     -- Monday, August 18, beginning at 9:30 am - Friday, September 5 at 4:00 pm


  • Community students and faculty/staff non-degree students can register in the Registrar's Office with the Special Student Registration Form beginning August 18.  If you are registering for a class for the first time, you must also submit a completed Special Student Application to the Registrar's Office. Students are advised to submit the completed application prior to the start of the semester.
  • REGISTER EARLY. Book purchases are made online through and it may take a few days for you to receive your books.

Online Registration is located on the Students tab on the Randolph College Portal.

  • Log in to the College portal and select the Students tab. 
  • Use the Cart or Course Section Search features to select courses and use the Register for Classes link to register for classes.

Prior to Registration Day:

  • Update your General Education Audit found on the Students tab on the portal to determine the status of your general education requirements. Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen to save any changes you have made.
  • Be advised and get authorized for registration by your academic advisor.
  • Select Cart or Course Section Search to fill your cart with the classes that you plan to take. Include alternate classes in case your first selection is full. If any classes are full, you have the option of getting on the class waiting list.
  • Make sure you select the correct period (semester) for which you wish to register, for example 2014/Fall.
  • Select by Course Code, for example ENGL to see all the English courses.
  • Use the Advanced Search to search by department, instructor, or several other features.
  • For cross-listed courses (e.g. ART/COMM 181), only select one department for registration.
  • Clear all holds.

 On Registration Day:

  • Select Registration.
  • Select the period (semester) for which you want to register.
  • If you do not have access to Registration for the selected period, the reason will display.
  • If you populated your cart prior to registration, the contents of the cart will be displayed. Otherwise, use the Course Section Search link to put courses into your cart. If any classes are full, you have the option of getting on the class waiting list. When finished, select Proceed to Registration or Registration.
  • If a Waitlist message appears, respond and then GO BACK and REGISTER.
  • Review your schedule and make sure the Add column is checked next to the courses for which you would like to register. Select Next.
  • Finalize registration and verify your final schedule. Make sure everything looks okay and select Next.
  • Select the Schedule Grid and check for class conflicts.
  • Your registration is complete and you will get a Congratulations message.
  • It is recommended that you Verify your schedule. Select View Schedule or Classes to make sure that you are registered!

Waitlist Issue:
To add yourself to a course waitlist, please know that the course CANNOT already be in your cart. If it is, you must remove it and then you can add yourself to the waitlist.

Contact the Registrar's Office at 947-8143 if you have any questions or problems.