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International Study Seminars

Randolph faculty members lead 2-week study seminars across a range of academic disciplines and in countries around the globe either during winter break, spring break, or the summer. After completion of one semester of study, all students are encouraged to participate in these unique programs, which may have prerequisite courses and include pre-departure sessions and post-trip activities. For descriptions of past seminars, please click here.

Summer 2014 Programs

Applications are now being accepted! All materials by Friday, January 24.

Museums, Memorials and Memory: Britain and the Two World Wars

Faculty Leaders: Jennifer Gauthier, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, and Gerry Sherayko, Associate Professor of History
May 18–June 1

How does a nation remember war? What gets forgotten and why? What stories do museums and monuments tell about war, death, loss, heroism, and national pride? Join us as we explore museums, memorials and monuments that commemorate aspects of British involvement in WWI and WWII. From our home base at the college’s house in Reading, we will visit London (only 40 minutes by train) to see the Imperial War Museum and Churchill’s War Rooms, as well as many other memorials around the city. Other sites in the area include Chislehurst Caves, where civilians hid during the London air raids; Coventry Cathedral, whose bombed-out shell came to symbolize the severity of the wartime destruction, and Bletchley Park, where industrious code-breakers cracked the Nazis’ secret messages.

We will also travel to WWI battlegrounds, Ypres and the Somme, in Belgium and Northern France. The course will meet for 7 weeks in Spring 2014 (the second half of the semester)
3 credits COMM/HIST 274, Gen. Ed. Designations: IIA1 or IIB1

Peru: Media Industries and Cultural Production

Faculty Leaders: Chad T. Beck, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, and Nichole Sanders, Associate Professor of History, Lynchburg College
June 18–July 2

Experience the media and cultural heritage of Peru! Topics include local and global media economics, media professionals, gender, race, ethnicity, social class, national politics, and cultural identity. We will visit media industries and cultural sites in the urban capital of Lima and Andean mountain city of Cuzco. Visit a film studio, a television network, an advertising company, and a national newspaper. Explore archaeological site Machu Picchu, art and history museums, urban markets, and cultural traditions.
3 credits: COMM 288S, Gen. Ed. Designation: IIIB3

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For more information about exact program fees and scholarship funding, please schedule an appointment with Dean Girelli,, in the Dean of the College office prior to the application deadline. Fees include tuition for 3 academic credits, round-trip airfare, lodging, incountry transportation, several group meals, and admission fees for scheduled activities. All U.S. and international students can apply for Global Studies need-based scholarships up to $2,500; rising Juniors and rising Seniors also can apply for a RISE grant for up to $2,000.