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The art alumni of Randolph College find themselves with a variety of professional options after graduation, including careers in media, advertising, publishing, fashion, design, or the performing arts, as well as for work in museums, galleries, retail sales, or in studio art.

Draw your own conclusions
Art majors at Randolph include those in art history, studio art, or art history and museum studies. Your professors are experienced professionals who will act as your mentors and guides. In addition, the Art Department's Visiting Artist Program means you'll have exposure to noted artists, critics, and art historians.

A place to create
Imagine the inspiration of working in a studio with high ceilings and a glass wall providing a spectacular mountain view. Or the connection with nature you get working in a painting studio that include decks, terraces, and porches overlooking the Mabel K. Whiteside Amphitheatre (an outside natural theatre). Whether you're painting, printmaking, or drawing, you'll find that Randolph offers you outstanding facilities in which to create. And as a senior, you'll have a separate studio.

Resources at your fingertips
The Maier Museum of Art is an outstanding resource for art students and majors. Built in 1952 by the National Gallery of Art as a repository for its collection in the event of war, it was renovated in 1977 and now displays the College's remarkable collection of American art.