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Aristotle once called philosophy the "first science" because it deals with the really big questions of life:

  • What things are real?
  • What is happiness and how do I find it?
  • What is justice and how do we create a just society?

At Randolph College, we continue this long tradition of inquiry, and we do so with an emphasis on how philosophy can make a difference in everyday life.

Explore Real-Life Issues

In today's world of information overload, our courses in Practical Reasoning and Logic hone students' abilities to critique competing arguments, identify faulty reasoning, and render one's own judgment about which views are true. Our course, Ethics and Public Life, examines real-life moral issues such as global hunger and animal welfare, and it explores the relationship between morality and law. More recently, the philosophy department has added two exciting courses that speak to pressing issues of daily life -- Environmental Ethics and Existentialism.

Before He Was Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford Studied Philosophy

What can you do with a philosophy degree? Job Opportunities abound!

Some intriguing people have studied philosophy, including U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, NBA basketball coach Phil Jackson, global financier George Soros, poet T.S. Eliot, author Elmore Leonard, civil rights activist Angela Davis, and NFL quarterback John Elway.

Philosophy majors at Randolph College have gone on to success in many different fields. Some attended prestigious law schools like Columbia University and the University of Virginia. Others enrolled in top-notch graduate programs in the U.S. and abroad. Yet others have become college presidents, business executives, and government officials. Whatever you want to do in life, training in philosophy will help you to do it better!

Academic Offerings

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy
  • Minor in Philosophy