Physical Ed and Health with Teacher Licensure

The physical education and health major and Licensure Program is dedicated to preparing high quality physical education and health professionals who meet and exceed State Department licensure standards.

Students enrolled in this program will engage in courses based in a strong liberal studies tradition designed to build pedagogical knowledge, critical thinking, moral reasoning and commitment to teaching. Learning to teach physical education and health is an active process and to become a successful teacher, one must be skilled at critical thinking, independent decision making, and strategic thinking.

Academic Program

Randolph College's physical education and health major provides students the tools necessary to make a positive impact on the physical and mental well being of young people.

The four-year program, in which students will earn a teacher licensure, requires them to take classes from the education and physical education departments. Students must apply to and earn acceptance to the Teacher Education and Licensure program at the beginning of their sophomore year.

The major includes both an academic curriculum and fieldwork in which students will learn the skills necessary to instruct students on lifetime sport skills and healthy lifestyles.

Academic Offerings