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Mario Maldonado Incayawar photo
2006-2007 Mario Maldonado Incayawar
M.D., School of Medicine at Universidad Central del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador

He holds an Advanced Studies Diploma in Community Health from Université de Montréal as well as a Master’s of Science in Transcultural Psychiatry from McGill University, Canada. He has advanced training in Psychobiology & Psychopharmacology from the NIMH Research Center on the Psychobiology of Ethnicity, UCLA.

In 1990, Incayawar founded Runajambi (Institute for the Study of Quichua Culture and Health) in Otavalo, Ecuador. From 1998-2004, he was the Henry R. Luce Associate Professor in Brain, Mind, and Medicine: Cross-Cultural Perspectives at Pitzer, Claremont McKenna and Harvey Mudd Colleges in California. In 2005 he became the Medical Director of the Cross-Cultural Clinic for Pain and Psychiatry in Quito, Ecuador.

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Boutheina Cheriet photo2005-2006 Boutheina Cheriet
Ph.D. in Comparative Education from the London University Institute of Education

Fundamentalism & Gender
Bargaining for Citizenry: "Ideal Womanhood" in Contemporary Algeria
Gender & Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

Public Lecture:
Trials and Tribulations of a Women's Affairs Minister: An Algerian Case
Gender and Religious Fundamentalism: A Comparative Study of Algeria, the USA, and Japan

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photo of Mansah Prah

2004-2005, Mansah Prah
Ph.D. in Sociology (Magna cum Laude) from the University of Frankfurt, Germany
M.A., University of Heidelberg, Germany; Post Doctoral Diploma, Higher Education and International Development, University of Kassel, Germany

Between Dependence and Autonomy: Perspectives on African Women
Gender, Sexuality, and Identity in African Contexts

Faculty Development Seminars:
Selected topics on women in the history and culture of Ghana

Public Lectures>:
Gender & Education in Ghana (Randolph College Public Lecture; Keynote Address at Southwest Virginia Community College 2005 Festival of the Arts: Spotlight on Africa and her Legacy)
Reflections on Ghana's Feminist Experience (Lynchburg College Senior Symposium)
Gender Studies in Africa
Additional Lectures at Appalachian University, Boone, North Carolina and Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina

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photo of Lye Tuck-Po 2003-2004, Lye Tuck-Po
Native of Malaysia and member of the Class of 1989
M.A. and Ph.D., Anthropology focusing on Environmental Anthropology, University of Hawai’i
B.A. (Honors), English & Philosophy, cum laude from Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Ethnographies of the Tropical Forests Environment, Development, & Politics

Faculty Development Seminars:
Hunters, Habitats, Homes: An Anthropology of Landscape
A Forest of Ideas: Or, A Dig at the Anthropology of Landscape

Public Lecture:
Dwellers: Ethnic Minorities in the Tropics

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photo of Kirtida Oza 2002-2003, Kirtida Oza
Environmental community educator from India and LEAD Fellow
M.S. Life Sciences and B.S. Bio-Chemistry from Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, India
Eleven years experience with the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE)

Understanding Gender in a Cultural Context: A South Asian Perspective
Environmentalism in India: Issues and Initiatives
Women, Environment, and Development: Special focus on India

Faculty Development Seminars:
Women in India: How Equal? How Free?
India’s Kitchens: A Gender Perspective

Public Lecture:
Environmentalism in India: The Role of Women

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photo of Aliaa Rafea Spring Semester 2002, Aliaa Rafea
Noted Islamic and Egyptian scholar

Ph.D. Sociology and Anthropology from Ain Shams University Woman’s College in Cairo, Egypt

Islam for the Modern World
Egyptian Culture and the Global World

Faculty Development Seminar:
Veiling and Women’s Liberty

Public Lecture:
Some Universal Aspects in Islam

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photo of Michael Gilkes 2000-01, Michael Gilkes
Renowned West Indian scholar and artist
Ph.D. English and American Literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury, Great Britain

Caribbean Literature: Text and Context
Womansong: Variations on a Theme
Literature and Landscape
Carnival and Culture

Faculty Development Seminars:
The Spirit of Place
The Aboriginal Legacy in the Arts and Culture of the Caribbean

Overseas Study Seminar for Faculty – Summer 2002:
The Landscape of Dreams: Guyana

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photo of Liu Haiping 1999-2000, Haiping Liu
Professor of literature in the School of Foreign Studies at Nanjing University and Pearl S. Buck scholar
Ph.D. Literature from Nanjing University, China

China in Modern Perspective
Topics in Chinese Civilization
The Cultural Revolution in China
Contemporary China Through Drama and Film

Faculty Development Seminars:
China in Reform: Achievement, Problems, and Prospects
Classical Traditions in Chinese Memory

Public Lectures:
Chinese Perspectives on the United States: Changing Images
Crossing Cultures: The Controversy Between Pearl S. Buck and Her Chinese Contemporaries

Overseas Study Seminar for Faculty & Students:

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photo of Emeka Nwabueze1998-99, Emeka Nwabueze
Playwright, Ph.D. in Theatre Arts, and professor of literature and theatre at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Contemporary African Literature
Modern African Drama and Theatre
History of Theatre I and II (Co-taught)

Faculty Development Seminars:
Recurrent Images in Contemporary African Literature
Ritual Theatre in Traditional African Festivals

Public Lecture:
Feminism in African Drama: Perspectives from Contemporary Dramatists

Multi-media Presentation:
The Matter and Manner of African Theatre: Views of a Nigerian Playwright

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photo of Slavenka Drakulic1997-98, Slavenka Drakulic
Internationally known Croatian journalist and novelist

Eastern Europe in the 1990s
Eastern Europe: Films and Reality
Women and Communism

Faculty Development Seminars:
Ordinary People and the War: The Problem of Collective Responsibility
The War in the Balkans: Why and How?

Public Lectures:
Two different readings from her books, Café Europa and The Taste of a Man

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photo of M.V. KrishnayyaSpring 1997, M.V. Krishnayya
Ph.D. in Philosophy and professor at Andhra University, India

Philosophies of India
Introduction to Indian Society and Culture

Faculty Development Seminars:
Indian Folklore
Class and Caste

Public Lecture:
Hindu Religious Vows of Men and Women

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