Randolph College offers a liberal arts education long renowned for its intellectual rigor—in a dynamic learning environment charged with fresh vision. Our dedicated faculty will mentor you and know your strengths. Our 30 majors and 44 minors will hone your skills and prepare you for a vibrant career. Our curriculum-wide global emphasis will make you an informed citizen of the world, valuable to your community and to your profession.

Core Characteristics

A Randolph College education values personal challenge, global perspective, and applied experience, as defined by:

An Honors Environment,

where each student can contribute to the intellectual life of the community and confront important questions by working closely with faculty members to take responsibility for the student’s own learning, bring fresh perspectives to the classroom and undertake original research or engage in artistic creation in a capstone experience.

A Global Environment,

where each student can connect to the world and seek to understand the important issues of the 21st century through study abroad, foreign language and culture offerings, courses with global and historical perspectives, interaction with international students, and participation in off-campus experiences.

An Experiential Learning Environment,

where each student can collaborate with those in the campus community, the nation and beyond and actively explore the student’s interests in imaginative ways through a broad range of hands-on courses, co-curricular and athletic activities, leadership development opportunities, volunteer service, internships and study abroad.

These core characteristics stimulate students to pursue and achieve goals that have personal meaning in an atmosphere of integrity and mutual trust , owing to the Honor System that has long been a key element of the College’s culture.