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Academic Advising

Planning your academic path. Choosing a major. Making connections between the classroom and extra-curricular activities. Preparing to enter your chosen profession. You're going to need some help with all of that.

You'll get it from your faculty advisor. Helping you make the right choices is important to us, so we'll be there to listen, to offer insights, to guide you as you learn to make deliberate decisions about your options here and after you graduate.

As a first-year student, you'll be assigned a faculty advisor who will meet with you individually and in small groups as you navigate the challenges of being a college student. In fact, your advisor will be the first professor you meet on campus.

When you choose a major, you'll be assigned a major advisor who will act as your academic advisor and mentor for the rest of your time at Randolph. With extensive expertise in your field, your academic advisor will offer very personalized guidance as you intensify your studies and prepare for your future.