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Curriculum & Degree Requirements


The Department of Economics stresses the liberal arts aspects of the discipline. The Department offers a major in economics and three concentrations: business, economics and international economics.

Coursework in the Department emphasizes analytical thinking, quantitative skills, global economic linkages, and the philosophical underpinnings of the discipline.

The Department attempts to serve three widely diverse constituencies: 1) the student for whom the beginning course is a terminal offering; 2) the student who takes advanced courses with the intention of entering professional school in business, law, politics, or public administration; and 3) the student who majors for love of the discipline and who, if chooses graduate school, will work toward an advanced degree in economics or business.


The business program at Randolph College equips students with both theoretical knowledge and practical learning. Whether planning to enter the job market immediately after graduation or pursuing an advanced degree, such as an M.B.A. or an M.P.A., students will be prepared for the challenge.

Many students choose to combine the business concentration with other fields of study, such as economics, international studies, or philosophy, allowing them to offer a unique combination of knowledge and experience.

The business program offers courses that provide excellent pre-professional training for graduate study or the world of work. The courses allow students to acquire technical and analytical skills by using statistics, spreadsheets, and computers; to learn to collect and analyze data from the Internet’s domestic and global sources; to gain valuable insight into the theory, philosophy, and history of business and economics; to learn to conduct independent research; and to acquire public presentation skills.

In addition, the business concentration provides students with exposure to a number of key areas including: accounting, business policy, finance, international business, the legal environment, management, and marketing.