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Economics & Business

Discover how economic theories and policies shape the world. Learn to make connections between theory and the real world and gain new perspectives on social and political problems by delving into the philosophical foundations, history, and theory of economics. You’ll also build your quantitative and analytical skills.

Economic crisis. Recession. Bailout. Economic Stimulus. Recovery?

The past three years (2008-2010) have marked a tumultuous period for the global economy - driven by a complex set of social and political problems.

Randolph students are learning to understand such phenomena. They are exposed to quantitative and theoretical tools that help to explain interactions among consumers, businesses, and government.

Academic Offerings
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics
  • Minor in Business
  • Minor in Economics
  • Minor in International Economics

These tools will help you gain a better understanding of things like wealth and income generation, poverty, inequality, competition, international trade, Federal Reserve monetary policy, why financial markets have been so volatile, and why there is a global food crisis.

Engaged Learning, Advanced Research

Randolph College is a wonderful place to study economics and business. Given our small classes, you will have opportunities that would simply not be feasible at larger schools with auditorium-sized classrooms: technology-based research projects, independent studies, chances to present your work to your professors and peers.

The department offers a wide variety of opportunities for experiential learning beyond the classroom.

A Strong Foundation for a Career

A course of study in economics and business might also help you get a leg up on a career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, employment growth for economists will be above the overall national average for those with advanced degrees and highly quantitative skills. The median annual wage and salary for all economists was over $77,000 in 2006.