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About Randolph

Who We Are

Our students come from 36 states and 20 countries. Our faculty is exactly the type of experienced, deeply engaged team you’d expect from a top liberal arts college. Each and every class is taught by a faculty member—no TAs or grad students. That adds up to an impressive 9:1 student/faculty ratio and an average class size of 12.

What We Do

We’re a community of learners and explorers. At Randolph, academic excellence is paramount, but some of our students’ most enlightening moments aren’t on the syllabus. They come during late-night dorm conversations, or riding the Paris Metro on a semester abroad, or by working side-by-side with a famous professor for a summer research project.

At Randolph, we play lots of sports (Go WildCats!), get active outdoors, sign up for way too many cool clubs, and love exploring the hangouts of our historic hometown, Lynchburg, VA. Randolph’s campus—all trees and grass and red brick buildings—is minutes from the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains and the James River, so any time is a good time for mountain biking, hiking, rafting or simply taking a scenic study break. Schedule a campus visit and see for yourself.

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