From the President

Dear Randolph College Community and Friends,

Susan Klein, Carl Coffey and John E. Klein make s'mores
John Klein joins the new Pep Band in the stands.

Student engagement is an indicator of effective educational practices. All of us at Randolph College care about how students perceive their experiences here, hoping to glean information that can be used to build on existing programs and services and chart new directions to meet the needs of our students.

This spring, as in the past two years, Randolph College is surveying its seniors and first-years with the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). More than 1,400 colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada have participated in NSSE since it was first administered in 2000.

We will be very interested in what our students’ responses say about Randolph and how these responses compare to those of their peers and to those of Randolph students in recent years. On the 2009 survey, Randolph College seniors reported significantly higher levels of academic challenge, engaging educational experiences, and student-faculty interaction than were reported by students nationwide. These experiences, reflective of our strong academic program and our focus on the individual, create an environment where students are challenged and supported to excel.

Experiences at Randolph enrich students’ lives and set them apart when they graduate.

The stories in this edition of Randolph are a testament to our close, exceptional community and to the caliber of our student body, our faculty, and our staff. There is no shortage of engagement here. Our students are translating books, creating their own textbooks, forming their own clubs, finding ways to merge artistic and academic passions, competing on the athletic field, and volunteering their time for worthy causes. What they do matters—to our community and to the world.

Participating in NSSE helps Randolph College ensure that we are providing an excellent educational experience for our students. Our current results not only validate what we have long treasured about our community but also help us as we make improvements for the future.

We believe in our students and in the women and men they will become. We believe in their dreams, and we see their potential. Time and time again, our students affirm that belief, exceeding our expectations, as they have for more than a century. We are fortunate at Randolph College to have students with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence. Their unquenchable love of learning and the things they are able to accomplish here make me excited about their future—and ours.

John E. Klein