Here Let Wisdom Rise

Randolph College launches exciting new student research opportunity

RISE logoPlenty of colleges and universities offer competitive grant programs that fund a handful of select projects. But Randolph College is not your ordinary college. Thanks to a new program announced this fall, every Randolph College student will have the opportunity to dream big.

Randolph’s Innovative Student Experience (RISE) is designed to encourage—and fund— scholarship, research, and creative pursuits.

“Every college says it cares about its students,” said Dennis Stevens, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college. “This award is just one of the many ways that we show students we really mean it.”

Beginning this fall, every Randolph College student will be eligible to earn a RISE award during his or her junior or senior year. The application process for the RISE award will require students to submit a proposal to faculty members from their major. This experience will provide students with tangible evidence of grant writing and budget management. “The application process prepares students for the many times in their lives when they will have to write proposals and defend their ideas,” Stevens said.

RISE award possibilities

The possibilities for the award are almost endless and stretch across every discipline on campus. Students may choose to purchase a high speed oscilloscope for pulse laser experiments; take a trip to study in the Darwin Archives in England; purchase easels, paints, or other materials for an art project; or travel to New York to learn about the New York City Ballet.

“We want to provide as many opportunities as we can to promote critical thinking and enhance the development of our students’ creative potential,” Stevens said. “Scholarship, broadly defined, is one of the best ways to accomplish these things.”

When Stevens and his staff announced the program at a fall Student Government meeting, students broke into applause. “RISE connects students with faculty and with the academic program to a greater extent by providing important resources,” said Kim Sheldon, director of student success. “Through RISE, the College seeks to build deeper connections with students as they progress from their first year to their senior year.”

For Stevens, the ability to make students’ dreams and ideas realities is the biggest bonus. “I find it exciting to be involved with a college that is always looking for new ways to educate,” he said. “Randolph College has always been a leader in education, and RISE keeps the institution on the leading edge of experiential learning and research.”

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